Landfill Gas Extraction and Electricity Generation

Landfill Gas Extraction and Electricity Generation

This project reduces emissions through the development and construction of two waste-to-energy facilities at landfill sites in Türkiye.

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Istanbul, Türkiye
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Ortadogu Enerji A.S.
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Landfills are a significant source of global warming as they contain a high share of methane, a potent greenhouse gas. This project contributes to the reduction of greenhouse gas through the destruction and avoidance of methane at two landfill areas in Türkiye. 

The project converts methane emissions from landfill waste into electricity through the development, construction, and operation of two waste-to-energy facilities at both the Odayeri and Komurcuoda landfill sites in Türkiye. The project objective is to build, operate, and maintain these two landfill waste-to-energy systems consisting of landfill gas (LFG) collection systems, flaring stations, and gas engines coupled with generators to produce electricity. The gas engines will combust the landfill gas to produce electricity, and any excess LFG will be flared.

How it works

This project achieves greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reductions by recovering landfill methane and using it to generate electricity that, in turn, feeds into Türkiye’s power grid.

Why this project

This renewable energy project converts methane emissions from landfill waste into electricity which is added to Türkiye’s power grid, which both destroys and avoids methane from landfill areas and generates electricity that displaces fossil fuels as the baseline energy source.


  • Reduces greenhouse gas emissions through the destruction and avoidance of methane in landfill areas.
  • The landfill gas is used to generate electricity via gas engines, delivering electricity to the national grid system and displacing the baseline energy fuel, which is primarily based on fossil fuels.
  • The project is creating local employment opportunities during construction and operation.
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